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Clean Gas Analysis X19 & Raw Gas Analysis

The clean gas analysis X19 determines the main components of the process gas, viz oxygen (O2), hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The sample gas is extracted from the clean gas section, downstream of the water droplet separator.

Components of the Gas Analysis

The clean gas analysis system consists of the following main components:

  • gas analysis scrubber V19 Disintegrator
  • water droplet separator F19 with associated immersion sump
  • analyser cabinet with final sample gas preparation and the analysers

Functionality of the Gas Analysis Scrubber

The gas analysis scrubber V19

  • acts as booster fan for fast sample gas routing to the analysers, including
  • precision gas cleaning before reaching the sensitive gas analysers.

The Analyser Cabinet contains

  • components required for the delivery, conditioning, control and analysis of the sample gas,
  • equipment for the (online- and offline-) calibration of the analysers, and
  • monitoring equipment for the interior of the cabinet.

On the raw gas section a gas analysis equipment can also be installed downstream of the quench cooler. With this the process gas can be analysed during start-up, shut-down or emergency situations of the furnace. Due to the harsh conditions of this gas though, the raw gas analysis requires additional equipment for gas conditioning compared to the clean gas analysis.

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