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Our traditional company can look back on a long history: from its beginnings with the first product developments in 1880 to the founding of today’s THEISEN GmbH in the 1920s and its current international involvement – almost 145 years have passed since then in which THEISEN has supplied state-of-the-art engineering technology for gas cleaning systems.

Herewith our most important milestones:


The history starts …

with the invention of some important developments/break-throughs by the company founder Eduard Theisen: For example the first process for the production of milk powder, as well as the development of the THEISEN Gas Washer for cleaning off gas from blast furnaces. At the end of 19th century it was already possible to use the cleaned gasses in the gas machines of the steel industry to generate electrical power.

Around 1890

The first patent for the THEISEN Gaswasher

The company receives the first of numerous patents for the „Theisen Gaswasher“


Gas cleaning systems for the scrubbing of blast furnace gas

THEISEN provided a Gas Cleaning System to the HoerderBergwerks – und Huettenverein for a blast furnace. In the following years thousands of Disintegrators were delivered.


Hans Eduard Theisen takes over the business

After the passing of the company founder, his son Hans Eduard Theisen took over the business. In 1914 he relocated the fabrication to the factory Karl Saaler, today called EHT Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH. One section of EHT is dedicated for the building of the gas washers.

Since 1920

Throughout Europe the gas washers are used…

…for the scrubbing of off-gasses in the iron and steel industry in blast furnaces, smelter, gas generators and coke ovens.

Shortly afterwards they are used in the gassification processes of peat, wood, lignite (brown coal) and coal.

15 July 1926

Merger to „THEISEN GmbH München“

A merger of the firms Ed. Theisen, München and A.V.G. Allgemeine Vergasungsgesellschaft m.b.H to form a new company „THEISEN GmbH München“. The firm was located, where it still is to this day, at Friedrich-Herschel-Str. 25 in Munich.

The new firm incoporates a wide spectrum for the application of the Disintegrator: cooling, scrubbing and tar separation during the cleaning of process and synthetic gases.

1920s and 1930s

Theisen provides world wide

Theisen provides licenses to the USA and delivers world wide.


50% of the shares Eisen-und Hammerwerk GmbH

The family Theisen aquires 50% of the shares Eisen-und Hammerwerk GmbH, which increase to 100% by 2006.

1939 – 1945

Continuation of operations

Throughout the war Theisen GmbH was able to continue with their operations.

1950 till 1960

Theisen provides licenses to Japan, UK and Brazil

The investment requirement of steel industry increases. Theisen provides licenses to Japan, UK and Brazil.


Co-opeation agreement with the GHW

Theisen GmbH and Gesellschaft für Hüttenwerksanlagen (GHW) close a co-opeation agreement, where Theisen is the exclusive supplier of off-gas cleaning plants for the GHW Cupola furnaces.


Establishment of TVT THEISEN

With the establishment of TVT THEISEN Verfahrenstechnik, new business ventures are exploited: recycling of solvents, ground water cleaning, adsorbtion and absorbtion plants for air emmissions and process water plants.

TVT developed plants for the reduction of emmisions of organic solvents with incorporated recycling of process materials for re-use.


SHT Industrieanlagen GmbH is established

SHT Industrieanlagen GmbH is established to bundle the capabilities of the associated firms:

  • Schubeis (Machine fabrication)<br>
  • Hellingrath (process control engineering)<br>
  • THEISEN (gas cleaning)<br>

The Theisen hot gas filter is developed for the rock wool furnaces and can accommodate temperatures up to 800°C.


Gasification of refuse

Delivery of a pyrolysis gas cleaning plant in the gasification of refuse.


THEISEN Engineering (Pty) Ltd is established in South Africa

THEISEN Engineering (Pty) Ltd is established in South Africa and from the beginning achieves good success.


Complete gas cleaning plant for a ferrochrome furnace

Delivery of a complete gas cleaning plant for a ferrochrome furnace to Middelburg South Africa.


Delivery of four identical gas cleaning plants to Kazakhstan

Theisen receives the biggest supply contract in the history of the firm for delivery of four identical gas cleaning plants to Kazakhstan.


Plant for the scrubbing of gases as fuel

Theisen delivers a gas cleaning plant for the scrubbing of gases to be utilised as fuel in a cogen project.


Prototype of the CDC

Development of the prototype of the Cooler Disintegrator Compressor (CDC).


Relocation of the production facility

Signing of a co-operation agreement with Wehrle Werk AG and relocation the production to Wehrle Werk AG Emmendingen.


Further milestones can be found under current projects

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