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Our THEISEN engineers and consultants will support you through all your project stages.

1.Concept, basic engineering and draft proposals

During the basic engineering, our engineers and process engineers verify the concept solution using the latest technical tools. This forms the basis for an optimal technical solution to resolve our clients’ problems and satisfy the associated requirements.

2.Detailed planning in co-operation with the customer

After optimizing and finalization of the draft proposal in conjunction with our client, we start with the detailed planning: basic design data, process flow sheets, plant layout. Detailed discussions are held with our client and required modifications are incorporated into the design.

3.Professional, competent and on schedule implementation

THEISEN support during the professional implementation of the designed system. In-house we manufacture sophisticated key gas plant components and deliver other safety critical associated components. We supervise the on the site construction to ensure compliance with the technical design, quality and time frame. During construction and commissioning we provide thorough, hands-on training for the customer’s maintenance and operations personnel. This provides for a smooth/seamless hand-over of the plant to the customer and continued operation.

4.Support, advice and service

After commissioning we maintain contact with our clients and offer continued support, advice and service. With our vast experience we can assist with changes in operational requirements (increased production or changes in raw materials), modernizations, changes in environmental emission limits, new maintenance techniques, improving availability, modifications (waste heat recovery, cogeneration) etc.

We also offer consulting services for gas scrubber plants using alternate technologies. With our experience we can perform audits to determine design inefficiencies and to optimize the process.

We also offer independent consulting services for other aspects related to gas scrubbing and related topics.

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