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ofendruckregelungFor production and safety reasons the pressure in the furnace has to be accurately measured and controlled. This is achieved with the clean gas plant integrated furnace pressure control system.

Quick, accurate and uniform control of the furnace pressure

During furnace operation the Disintegrator draws off the process gas from the furnace, with the furnace pressure being controlled to a pre-defined operating pressure. As the Disintegrator is operated at a constant speed, the furnace pressure is controlled by the damper valve K16 installed downstream of the water droplet separator.

During emergency situations a similar damper valve K12 installed in the emergency stack takes over this function, being automatically adjusted depending on the furnace pressure and the natural draft of the emergency stack. Even during complete failure of the plant utilities this damper can be operated remotely by hand using the uninterrupted emergency supply of nitrogen to pneumatically actuate the valve, thus limiting the pressure variations in the furnace.

Under certain unforeseen situations, the furnace pressure can still exceed the maximum defined pressure. Once the pressure exceeds the set point of the safety valve B11, the CO gas is then safely vented to atmosphere.

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