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At an off-gas temperature of 400 °C to 650 °C waste heat recovery is reasonable. Especially in closed electrical reduction furnaces which generate gases with high levels of CO, the combination of utilising both thermal and calorific energy is attractive. In some processes the dust in the gas is a useful product, provided it can be removed from the gas in a dry state.

Advantages of Utilising the Thermal and Calorific Energy Components of Process Gasses

  • reduced energy costs by using waste gas for heating and/or electricity generation
  • reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases
  • prevention of emissions related expenses, e.g. taxes or emission certificates

Advantages of THEISEN High Temperature Dry Filter System with THEISEN Hot Gas Filter

Heat exchanger efficiency is negatively affected by dirty heat exchanger contact surface areas. Typical applications include pre-heating of raw materials and generation of drying air, steam or electricity.

THEISEN High Temperature Dry Filter Systems ensure

  • effective gas cleaning at high temperatures
  • minimised fouling of heat exchanger contact surface areas
  • high efficiency of waste heat recovery
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