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heissgasfilterThe THEISEN Hot Gas Filter is the best option for an effective high temperature gas cleaning, while capturing the sensible heat of the gas in an optimum way. The ceramic filter material has ideal characteristics for the dedusting of off-gases from closed electric reduction furnace.

Layout and Functionality of the THEISEN Hot Gas Filter

The filter elements are suspended in the main cylindrical housing with conical lower dust collection section. The dirty gas enters centrally from the top and turns through 180° in the upper conical section. With the induced forces the larger dust particles are removed and fall into the cone. The gas with the residual dust passes through the candle shaped filter elements from the outside to the inside, thereby removing the dust from the gas. The clean gas leaves via the compartmentalised top of the filter housing. The cleaned gas still has the same temperature at outlet as it has at inlet.

Advantages of the THEISEN High Temperature Dry Filter Systems

  • removal of solids off undiluted gas at high temperature
  • effective dedusting even of problematic gases, e.g. tar containing furnaces gases
  • suitable for dedusting of combustible and toxic gases due to hermetically sealed design
  • ideal conditions for utilising the thermal and chemical energy of the cleaned gas, e.g. in for steam generation in boilers and/or electricity generation
  • possibility for gradual heat extraction and recovery on different temperature levels
  • trouble-free discharge and dust-free transportation of the precipitated solid material, preventing sticking due to the high temperature
  • extraction of valuable material for sale or recycling of harmful dust being reused as raw material in the production process
  • small-sized filter system as well as low volumetric capacity exhaust fan due to operation without dilution air
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