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Instead of reinventing the wheel, we offer our clients CAPEX- and OPEX-optimized solutions. We have many clients who are well satisfied with their reliable, efficient and high availability THEISEN plants. We focus on standardisation by using well-proven technologies to minimize cost while maximizing operating performance.

Customer Orientation is Key

Each customer needs are unique, and so are the processes we design. As no two plants are like, we adapt our key components to the specific project needs. To achieve optimized performance requires attention to the many engineering details. We therefore aim to always be one step ahead and continuously work on transferring creative ideas into innovative developments. Working solutions – proven by intense practical testing.

Design verification in the THEISEN Technical Centre!

Closely linked to our production facilities we operate our technical centre THEA. Here testing, modification and optimisation of our key components takes place. Each machine receives comprehensive documentation concerning their functionality, reliability and performance data. Each Disintegrator has to pass several test runs under industry-like conditions to

  • measure the characteristic curves of volume flow and pressure generation,
  • measure the electrical power consumption at variable rotational speed and different washing water injection rates, and
  • evaluate the vibration characteristics of the rotating machine.

Efficiency in Prototype Testing

Especially for new developments, like the THEISEN CDC, the close interaction between technical centre and fabrication facility is very advantageous. Findings based on testing are immediately introduced as new technical solutions by our workshop. Respective improvements are again promptly checked by the technical centre. Our technical centre is the place for creativity and trials. If errors occur – than rather here, than at our customers.

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