Modification of the THEISEN “Clean Gas Distribution System“ installed downstream

of several parallel-arranged THEISEN Disintegrator Gas Washers


Our Austria based client operates several furnaces for the production of graphite electrodes. The CO-/H2 off-gasses are hot and contain tar and dust from the furnace process. During 1997 Theisen GmbH Munich installed three parallel Disintegrator based gas cleaning plants to condition the off-gasses so that these can be used a fuel for other processes or combusted at a flare stack.

The installation required the downstream connection of the three parallel systems to provide the required flexibility to maximise the use of the off-gasses irrespective of furnace operation and gas production and to thus minimise the flaring of the gas.

The inter connection is based on the variable immersion of the gas ducts into the vessels which in turn are partially immersed in the integrated water sumps. This effectively isolates each of the three up-stream and the downstream systems from each other. By adjusting the immersion depths the downstream clean gas supply flows are controlled.

For the last 20 years the THEISEN Gas Cleaning Plants have been operated without the need for replacements or modifications. Early in 2019 our client appointed THEISEN to modify the “Clean Gas Distribution System” to new requirements, whilst retaining the Theisen Disintegrators gas washers. This modification entailed newly dimensioned vessels and devices installed in an optimized arrangement, as well as the integrated measurement and control instrumentation. Severe time restraints were placed on the available construction time required for the removal of the existing plant and construction of the new plant. Consequently the entire new plant was preassembled on a steel frame which was transported to site. The only remaining site works was the connection to the remaining existing plant.

The THEISEN engineered system was manufactured and assembled by Horn GmbH (Ratten/Austria). Close collaboration was required to optimally accommodate the stainless steel piping systems of the various media, i.e. process gas, process water, sealing gas and sealing water in the extremely restricted available space.

The upgraded THEISEN “Clean Gas Distribution System” was successfully commissioned in October 2019, only nine months after contract signature. Since then the new system has been operating absolutely trouble-free.

With this good result our fully satisfied client appointed THEISEN to execute another project. Looking forward to September 2020!




Theisen Gasverteilung